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Alison Sharpless



Alison Sharpless joined The Bazil Group in 2006 as a Legal Secretary.  During her tenure with the firm she has not only managed the law office, but has also earned her degree in Paralegal Studies as well as certification as a Pennsylvania Bonded Notary.


Always eager to challenge herself, Alison also successfully handles numerous commutation negotiations on behalf of our Asian and MENA domiciled clients.  As a certified Paralegal, she is responsible for drafting numerous documents including commutation agreements, novation agreements and arbitration pleadings.  


She also authors the firm's Insolvency Newsletter which is a compilation of important domestic companies in Rehabilitation and/or Liquidation. The newsletter focuses on bar dates, background information and any upcoming distributions.  It stands out as the only industry newsletter of its kind pertaining to Reinsurance Insolvencies.


Alison received her B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005.  She became a Pennsylvania Bonded Notary in 2009 and earned her Paralegal degree in 2010.  Alison is now also focusing  on working toward her ARe designation.

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