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Alison Sharpless



Alison Sharpless joined The Bazil Group in 2006 as a Legal Secretary.  During her tenure with the firm she has not only managed the law office, but has also earned her degree in Paralegal Studies as well as certification as a Pennsylvania Bonded Notary.


Always eager to challenge herself, Alison also successfully handles numerous commutation negotiations on behalf of our Asian and MENA domiciled clients.  As a certified Paralegal, she is responsible for drafting numerous documents including commutation agreements, novation agreements and arbitration pleadings.  


Alison received her B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005.  She became a Pennsylvania Bonded Notary in 2009 and earned her Paralegal degree in 2010.  Alison is now also focusing  on working toward her ARe designation.

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