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 The Bazil Group is active in the global reinsurance industry,

attending conferences, symposia and seminars as well as actively participating

in the local community.

 - The Bazil Group is actively managing the sale of a runoff reinsurer valued at over $60mm

 - The Bazil Group has been engaged in 2023 to find a buyer for the US Branch of an International Reinsurer

 - The Bazil Group assisted Aurum Asset Managers in their acquisition of Stronghold Insurance Company's receivables in 2022

 -  The Bazil Group named to the Philadelphia Business Journal's Top 25 2021 Law Firms Pro Bono Hours List

 - Represented numerous creditors of a London Market Scheme of Arrangement. The creditors had not filed POCs, but The Bazil Group was able to get their claims filed, resulting in the recovery of several million dollars for our clients.

 -   The Bazil Group was awarded 2019 Best Reinsurance Law Firm in Pennsylvania by Acquisition International Magazine.

 -  The Bazil Group, in conjunction with Maven Management, introduced SOBC Holdings Ltd. to the PIA Captive company domiciled in Montana.            SOBC Holdings was able to successfully acquire PIA which now resides under the SOBC Sandell umbrella. 

 -  Secured the recovery of funds belonging to a European reinsurer that had escheated to the State of New York. 


 -  The Bazil Group was able to secure the release of collateral posted in the U.S. by a North American reinsurer. 


 -  Recovered Common Account Protection balances due to London Market and Japanese clients. The clients were unaware of the balances owed them.


 - Served as lead counsel in an arbitration against a Turkish reinsurer on behalf of a European client.

 - Collected reinsurance balances owed a Middle Eastern client from a New Guinean insurer.

 - Reconstructed reinsurance account open balances, resulting in a six figure recovery from an Algerian reinsurer for a Middle Eastern client.

 - The Bazil Group negotiated multiple commutations to accelerate the collection of assets for an insolvent client.  This effort successfully brought finality to the Estate's reinsurance recovery effort and cleared the way for closure of the Estate. 



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