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Practice Areas

Providing exceptional reinsurance legal services for over two decades,
the Bazil Group is holding to and improving upon our core values of client service, attention to detail
and delivering outstanding results.
We continue to grow our business by adding Debt Purchase/Management services as well as
RunOff Acquisition/Disposition services.
We are now in an even stronger position to work with and support our clients
more effectively and efficiently.
Reinsurance Legal Services


Representing a large number of cedants, reinsurers and insolvencies has provided us with detailed industry knowledge and experience in a broad range of matters. We are routinely involved in recovering bad debt, locating assets and assisting clients exiting markets via commutation. Our extensive experience includes serving as lead counsel in numerous arbitration proceedings and collection actions. In addition, over the past two decades we have negotiated hundreds of commutations, successfully representing insurers and reinsurers in Europe, Asia, the MENA region and the Americas. With our resourceful staff, and decades of experience handling challenging accounts, our success rate is unmatched.



Run-Off Acquisition/Disposition Services


We work with our clients and numerous markets to assist with the sale or acquisitions of run off portfolios.  From shedding certain lines or books of business, to an outright sale of a company, we can help.  We match parties carefully to ensure the highest probability of putting together a successful transaction.  

We have been involved in transactions ranging from a few million dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars.  

Interested in buying or selling? Please contact us for a confidential discussion of how we can assist. 


Debt Purchase & Management


In today's challenging and competitive markets, companies around the globe are burdened with problematic reinsurance assets or looking to exit a particular market or line of business. A number of companies are ceding business to reinsurers that are either recalcitrant or notorious slow-payers in geographically undesirable locations to make a deal cost-effective. However, if reinsurance recovery issues arise it can be cost prohibitive to pursue the claim through litigation or arbitration. These scenarios have become all too common for insurers and reinsurers in both the live and run-off markets.



In response to these market conditions,  the Bazil Group offers an alternative that enables its clients to realize value for claims that might otherwise be written off. With numerous deals of all sizes and complexities completed over the last decade, we have streamlined the process in a quick and efficient way for all parties involved through the assumption of debt via an Assignment and Novation Agreement. This process allows our clients to realize value for otherwise undesirable receivables immediately and all future liability and administrative responsibility shifts entirely to the Bazil Group.



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